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Brochures are a very effective way of communicating to a large audience in a cost-effective manner. Be it a corporate entity or a government organization, the best way to send across a message is through a brochure. Not only is a brochure informative, it is also visually appealing and easy on the eye as it contains a number of pictures, either of the products of the company or the services provided by it.

Brochures come in various kinds – one can go for a simple, no-frills brochure or one with a glossy finish, special paper and fancy patterns. Brochures can also be either folded once, twice or even thrice. A good brochure, it is said, can distinguish a company that has arrived from one that is still struggling. A good brochure is like a good visiting card – while the message is essentially the same, the way it is communicated says a lot about the company.

Apart from the number of folds, the number of colors it uses also distinguishes a brochure. Most brochures come in four-color printing. Moreover, the kind of paper also determines the quality of the brochure.

Depending upon the look desired, a company could go for varnish-added paper, matte paper, glossy paper or even an aqueous coating on the paper. An aqueous coating gives an even glossier feel compared to varnish. It also adds scuff-resistance and gives a rich feel to the brochure. It also adds life to it and makes it sturdy and tough.

In order to get the right look for the brochure, it is essential to go for the right kind of printing. Depending on the number of copies desired and the costs involved, one should go for the right kind of printing template. If a large number of copies is required in a short period of time, one can go for pre-set templates. But if one has the time and resources, one can go for custom printing, which can result in uniquely designed brochures with special features like graphic designs, company logo, digital images and more.

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